Welcome to the beginning of the BEST of Your Life!

I believe that we all are in the exact moment we are meant to be;

and we decide where we are going with every action that we take.

 I am in this moment healing my Self and my intention is to inspire you to decide that 

it is time YOU begin to genuinely love Your Self too.

Something new is coming!


SWA means Self, and this is my path to the center - to Self.

My name is Daniela, about 3 years ago I started practicing yoga and that’s when this dance through life really started; little did I know that the “beginning of the best of my life” would require getting through the worst moments of it too. When I thought 

I was making a lot of progress I went through an emotional breakdown 

that had me feeling like I had taken 20 steps backwards.

For the last month I have been working on the limiting patterns to push them 

out for good by replacing them with other habits that are actually useful 

in the life that I am creating for my Self.

I want to share my experiences with you because I know this path of healing 

can be lonely, and frustrating; sometimes you feel stuck and just wished 

someone was there to guide and understand you, 

I have been there, I've felt that way too.


Hoping you can identify with me and be inspired to open up space for love;

starting with you, by healing those wounds that have created the patterns 

that are of no use in the life you have always dreamt for your Self.

Wether you are here for Private Yoga Classes, to read my Blog, or to buy any of the beautiful designs by SWA Gems to aid in your healing process, I hope you always leave my website motivated and full of high vibes! 

I truly believe I am here in this life to make a change, in my Self, to help shift our society’s mindset into one of Love and Compassion by watering the seed of Self Love inside 

every one of YOU that I connect with. One by one WE can make that change. 

Simply by deciding to Love your Self and extending that love into the world.


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